Top 25 Best Fairness Creams for Indian Skin Tone (2019)

Hello friends, In this Article I will tell you about Top 25 Best Fairness Creams for Indian skin tone in 2019. Fairness cream market is seeing a big boom as now days everyone of us take so much care about how they look. Everyone wants there skin to be fair and beautiful. Friends, For Getting a great skin it is necessary to have great products and choosing great products according to your skin is also a great task. Friends getting a fair skin makes you feel confident and attractive towards other peoples But because of our modern busy and lazy lifestyle we fail to give our skin a proper care and because of this our skin becomes dull and unattractive. So in this blog I will rank best fairness creams which will give you better skin and flawless skin.

Here is the list of Top 25 Best Fairness Creams for Indians (Fresh and updates list) 2019 –

1. L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+ Anti-Imperfections + Whitening Cream

best fairness creams for Indian skin type, Best fairness cream for women
l’oreal-paris-skin-perect Cream

Price – Rs 220 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?     –Best fairness cream for Women

  • Age 20+ skin perfect range comprises of a day cream along with cleansing foam
  • Combined with perlite and it helps keep oiliness, pimples and blemishes at bay through your twenties while giving you that perfect clear skin glow
  • Day cream for age 20+ to reduce fine lines and brighten skin tone
  • Both contain pro collagen which is perfect for fighting those fine lines that begin to appear in your thirties, giving you younger, glowing skin

2. Lotus Herbals White glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel Creme, SPF-25

lotus herbal fairness cream for women

Price – Rs 290 for 60 gram

Why This Cream ?

  • Boosts skin resiliency; Strengthens skin’s natural defense
  • Restores firmness to your skin
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Usage: Wash your face with white glow foam & pet dry your skin. Apply gel cream with a light massage.

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3. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Creme

best fairness cream for Indian skin tone
Lakme-Absolute-Perfect-Radiance-Skin-Lightening-Night-Creme price

Price – Rs 291 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?

  • Repairs the skin
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Gives radiant glowing skin
  • Lightens the skin tone
  • Evens skin tone
  • Lightens skin

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h2>4. WOW Fairness SPF 20 PA++ No Parabens & Mineral Oil Cream

wow skin whitening cream review
wow-fairness-spf-cream price

Price – Rs 695 for 50 ml

Why This Cream ?          Best fairness cream for men and women

  • Wow skin science fairness cream with spf 20 pa++ gives you fairness benefits – visibly fairer skin, protection from sun’s darkening rays, delayed signs of aging, less visible age spots and brighter
  • Formulation of wow skin science fairness cream with spf 20 pa++ contains a unique formulation of some of nature’s most skin-friendly and clinically proven bioactive
  • How to use-Use twice a day for visible fairness just deep cleanse your face and neck, pump a small quantity of wow skin science fairness cream with spf 20 pa++ on to your palm
  • No sulphates, parabens, or mineral oils wow skin science fairness cream with spf 20 pa++ is totally and guaranteed free of any harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, or mineral oils

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5. Kaya Clinic Brightening Day Cream

kaya clicnic fairness cream
kaya-clinic-brightening-day-cream review

Price – Rs 665 for 50ml

Why This Cream ?

  • Fight free radicals and improve skin texture
  • UV protection system (SPF 15) protects skin against harmful effects of UV rays
  • It’s light in texture and makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Directions: Just a pea-sized amount is required to spread it evenly
  • Formula researched and developed by dermatologists

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6. O3+ SPF 30 Whitening Cream for Skin Brightening & Whitening

best sin fairness cream for women

Price – Rs 490 for 50 gram

Why this Cream ?

  • Prevents the skin from Sun tan
  • Increased sun protection of 8 Hours
  • Suitable for brightening and whitening on all types of skin
  • Formulated in Italy by world class dermatologists
  • How to Use: Apply sunblock 10-15 minutes prior to sun exposure, and reapply every 6-8 hours. Apply generously all over face and body.

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7. Himalaya Clear Complexion Day Cream

best himalaya fairness cream for combination skin
himalaya-clear-complexion-dar-cream price

Price – Rs 165 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?                        -Best fairness creams for Indian Skin type

  • Lightens skin tone
  • Provides UV protection
  • Skin Type: For Normal Skin
  • Usage: Apply Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream gently over face and neck twice daily, after cleansing. For best results, use regularly.
  • For Men and women both

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8. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream, SPF 20 PA+

neutrogena fairness cream review

Price – Rs 331 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?                       Best fairness cream for All skin types

  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Helps reduce appearance of melanin
  • Usage: Take a generous amount into your palm and apply all over your face and neck. Massage gently in circular motions using your fingertips.
  • Applied For: Daily Care, Skin Whitening, Anti-ageing, Fairness

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9. UrbanGabru Insta Glow Fairness Cream With Anti Pimple and Spf 50

urbangabru fairness cream
urbangabru-intsa-glow-fairness-cream price

Price – 330 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?

  • Skin whitening & lightening – our number one purest grade skin whitening cream containing highest quality ingredients
    Acne control: prevents acne and makes skin pimple free
  • Acts as a sun screen: it also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful sun rays that can darken the skin

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10. Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream SPF 24 UVA/UVB Moistuiser

best skin whitening cream
olay-white-radiance-brightening-intensive-cream price

Price – 799 for 50 gram

Why This Cream –                         best daily use cream for women-Premium cream

  • Prevents darks shadows by reducing the amount of melanin transfer in the skin.; Provides protection from environmental stressors, helps defend against the appearance of spots in the future.
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Usage: Smooth evenly onto clean skin over face and neck, once or twice a day.

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11. Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream 01 Original

fairness cream top 25 for women

Price – Rs 116 for 18 gram                      Normal skin type cream

Why This Cream ?

  • Fairness cream + lightweight foundation
  • Now available in 2 shades: 01 original – for light to medium skin tone & 02 medium – for medium to deep medium skin tone
    Instant spot coverage
  • Evens skin tone
  • Instant natural glow
  • Lightens spots from within

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12. The Man Company Skin Brightening Cream Multani Mitti and Coco Butter

best fairness cream for men
the-man-company-skin-brightening-cream price

Price – 595 for 50 gram

Why This Cream ?                 best natural cream for Men

  • With a nature score of 95%, This cream will rebalance your overall skin tone for the better. A powerhouse of anti-oxidants and rich minerals
  • Sulphate free and paraben free
  • Clear and bright complexion naturally
  • Powerful skin brightening ingredients: enriched with multani mitti, coco butter and tamarind

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13. Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening And Brightening Cream

biotique facial cream best

Price – 139 Rs for 50 gram-                     list of best fairness cream for Indian skin 


Why this Cream ?

  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Protects the inner skin against melanin
  • Usage: Apply to cleansed face and neck Gently massage into skin, concentrating on the areas to be lightened, morning and evening.
    Softens blemishes

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14. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

kama ayurveda skin whitening night cream

Price – Rs 2550 for 50 gram –               Most Expensive Fairness Cream

Why This Cream ?

  • 97.5% Natural
  • Lightens and brightens
  • Repairs pigmentation
  • Relieves dark circles
  • Minimizes fine lines and signs of aging
  • 97.45% natural, contains saffron, Indian madder and aloe vera to prevent fine lines and delay ageing.

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15. Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Whitening And Brightening Creme, SPF 25 PA+++

best facial creams in india list

Price – Rs 443 for 50 gram                             

List of Best Fairness Creams for Indian Skin

Why This Cream ?

  • Natural organinc cream
  • UV Protection
  • Incredibly soft on skin
  • Good moisturizer

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16. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream SPF 19

best garnier skin whitening cream

Price – Rs 165 for 45 gram

Why This Cream ?

  • Garnier Light Complete is a brightening face cream for women
  • Enriched with Yuzu Lemon & Vitamin C serum
  • Gives brighter skin in 1 week
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Contains SPF19 to protect skin from sun                         Best Fairness Creams for Indian Skin

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17. Peecure Skin Whitening & Brightening Fairness Cream for Men & Women

best skin whitesning creams in India

Price – Rs 599                     Fairness cream for Indian skin type

Why This Cream ?

  • After you use this Glutathione cream, it will be result in a 15 days to 3 months when apply daily twice morning & used as night cream also .
  • Rated Glutathione Skin Whitening Cream. Anti Aging Skin Lightening Cream with safe and effective ingredients that nourish and renew your skin
  • Brightening Cream for that moisturized even balanced skin tone and also gives you that youthful glow
  • Use for whitening and skin lightening of body, face, arms, neck, knees, underarms, armpits, black skin, men, sensitive areas.

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18. Nivea Natural Fairness Cream

nivea-natural-fairness-cream price

Price – Rs 550-                 facial cream for all skin type

Why This Cream ?

  • For all types of skin
  • It is with berry extracts
  • It is with UVA and UVB filters
  • Fairer and even tonned skin

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19. Aegte Crystal Whitening Cream Skin Illuminosity Enhancing Formula Natural SPF 20+++ Day Care Cream-

Aegte Crystal Whitening Cream Skin
Aegte Crystal Whitening Cream Skin

Price – Rs 899 for 50 gram                 best day cream for Indian skin type

Why This Cream ?

  • Infused with Goat Milk+Rose Hip Oil.This crystal whitening cream is enriched with kumkumadi tail, sandalwood oil, cinnamon, rose hip oil, goat milk, aloe vera essential oil, cucumber oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, lavender angustifolia, prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond), kernel cold pressed oil, sesame seed cold pressed oil, milk, glycerine, wild honey, glycyrrhiza, oudh oil
  • This advanced fairness control day cream evens out the skin tone. Increases Glow and Luminosity of skin. Fades Skin Blemishes
    After application of this day whitening cream you will get firmer and super hydrated skin. It brightens dull skin by removing melanin from your skin
  • Directions to use this whitening cream: Take a small amount and massage gently using upward strokes on face and neck, after cleansing and toning. Use twice a day for better results
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20. RE’ EQUIL Skin Radiance Cream

best fairness cream for melasma

Price – Rupee 440 for 25 gram                  best facial cream for Melasma

Why This Cream ?

  • Aids in reducing hyper pigmentation, dark spots, melasma
  • Non-comedogenic formulation for all skin types
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Provides lighter, brighter and even skin tone
  • Helps in reducing hyper pigmentation, dark spots, age spots, melasma

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21. Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream

himalaya fairness cream

Price – 80 Rs for 50 gram

best normal fairness Cream for Indian Skin+Affordable fairness cream

Why This fairness Cream ?

  • Clean the face and neck thoroughly
  • Apply Natural Glow Fairness Cream all over the face and neck using an upward circular motion, twice a day
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Natural Glow Fairness Cream is dermatologically-tested and hypoallergeni

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22. Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Cream

fair and lovely face cream
fair & lovely cream

Price – Rs 170 for 110 gram – Affordable fairness cream and most famous cream In India

Why this facial Cream ?

  • Gives unbeatable fairness even against some of the international creams
  • Enriched with illuminating multi vitamin formulae
  • Antioxidants lighten dark circles
  • Multivitamins helps brighten skin

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23. Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream for Men

best fairness cream for man skin type
fair and handsome cream for men

Price – Rs 104 for 60 gram         Fairness cream for Men- Mardo vali cream 🙂

Why This Cream ?

  • Fair and handsome for men
  • Instant fairness
  • Fairness creame

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24. Khadi Rishikesh Herbal Fairness Fruit Cream

khadi-rishikesh-herbal-fairness-fruit-cream review
khadi-rishikesh-herbal-fairness-fruit-cream price

Price – Rs 280 for 50 gram           -Unique type fainress cream

Why This Cream ?

  • This Products is very Natural, Herbal & Ayurvedic comes from the ware house of Khadi Rishikesh.
  • Khadi Rishikesh is a brand that makes the Natural, Ayurvedic and Herbal ingredients based products that makes the Skin and Hair healthy and glowing.
  • Cream should be able to fight puffiness, wrinkles and pigmentation, anti aging and deep moisture.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Almond oil glycerin avocado oil, cucumber extract, tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, tamarind extract. Base Q.S.
    All Skin Types , Ideal For Men & Women , Genuine Herbal Product
  • SLS & Paraben free fairness cream

Amazon link-You can buy Khadi Rishikesh herbal cream via this link- Original Link

25. Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

best garnier Cream for women

Price – Rs 70               Most affordable skin whitening cream

Why This Cream ?

  • Renews You Skin And thus making it beautiful
  • Brightens your skin tone
  • Protects from sun dirt and pollution
  • Hydrates 24 hours
  • Affordable

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So guys these were the Top 25 Best fairness creams for Indian skin type or you can say top 25 skin whitening creams in India/best skin brightening creams. Friends I have included creams from all kind of brands and for all types of skin.

Thanks for reading this blog.                    Best Fairness Creams for Indian Skin

Please share it with your friends and relatives so they can get top know about which fairness creams are best in India and which cream will suit their face best. If you have any suggestion then please write a comment down below so that we can know about your thoughts.
Thank You.

Please Leave A Comment About Your favorite Fairness cream 🙂


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