Top 10 Best Weight Gain Powder in India- Best Weight Gainer Supplement

दोस्तों आज के इस आर्टिकल में मैं आपको बताऊंगा  Best Weight Gain Powder के बारे में आज में आपको भारत में मौजूद 10 सबसे बेस्ट वजन बढ़ाने वाले सप्लीमेंट के बारे में बताऊंगा। यानि Top 10 Weight Gainer Supplement In India 2019. दोस्तों हममे से ज्यादातर लोग अपना वजन घटाना चाहते है पर क्या आप जानते है की बहुत सारे ऐसे लोग भी होते है जो की अपना वजन बढ़ाना चाहते है और वे इसके लिए तरह तरह के उपाय करते है घरेलु नुश्खे ट्राई करते है ड्रग्स मेडिसिन लेते है डॉक्टर और गिम ट्रेनर के पास जाते है.

दोस्तों लोग वजन बढ़ाकर अपने को चुस्त दिखाना मस्कुलर दिखाना चाहते है इसके लिए वे तरह तरह के supplement लेते है उनमे से मुख्य होते है Weight gainer, Mass Gainer Supplements. Weight gain Powder करते ये है की वे शरीर को ज्यादा कैलोरी देते है इसके ज्यादा कार्ब्स और प्रोटीन होता है. दोस्तों इन Mass Gainer Supplements या weight gainer supplement के लिए लोग जो ज्यादातर दुसरो की कही या सुनी बात पर ये सप्लीमेंट ले लेते है उसको पता नहीं होता की कोनसा उनके लिए बेहतर होगा और तो और अब के टाइम तो supplement market में ज्यादातर प्रोडक्ट नकली आते है जिनके इफ़ेक्ट कम साइड इफ़ेक्ट ज्यादा होते है. तो इस आर्टिकल में मैं आपको Top 10 Weight Gain Supplement के बारे में बताऊंगा.

Here is the Top 10 Best Weight Gain Powder In India

1. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Weight Gainer Powder -Best weight Gain powder


Price – Rs 2890 for 2.72 kg

Details about this product –

  • This is a Non-vegetarian product
  • Adding Calories Has Never Been This Easy or Tasted So Good
  • 1,250 Calories, 50 Grams of Blended Protein
  • Over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates with NO ADDED SUGAR
  • Creatine, Glutamine and Glutamic Acid, 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals

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2. Advance MuscleMass High Protein Weight Gainer Supplement Powder

advance-muscle-mass gainer-weight gain powder

Price – 1697 Rs for 3 kg

Details about this product –       Best weight gain powder in India Blog

  • Advance MuscleMass Weight Gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and is suitable for both gym goers and people with sedentary life style (both male and female)
  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • Whey protein Concetrate, the major ingredient also considered the most superior form of protein is the primary source of protein
  • Consumers aiming for muscle gain should mix 1 scoop in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day.
  • 30.6 G Protein, 151.8 G Carbs (per 6 servings) and 21 Vitamins & Minerals with digestive enzymes;

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3. Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro with Digestive Enzymes – 1 kg (Chocolate)


Price – Rs 549 for 1 kg

Details about this product –

  • Sinew Nutrition Weight Gainer Pro is a vegetarian product formulated with high biological value proteins, aiding in better muscle recovery
    It provides one with maximum nutrition (Carbs to Protein ratio is 6:1): i.e. 70.1g of carbs, 11.7g of protein, 475k calories and 2.1g of BCAAs per serving which falls under the daily recommended dosage
  • Micro nutrients – Each serving of weight gainer pro provides essential vitamins and minerals which helps one in post workout recovery
    Improved new formula – It comes with, added high activity digestive enzymes and fiber helping one in better, easier digestion and faster absorption of energy and protein
  • Best Weight Gainer– It’s great in taste along with added vitamins & Minerals and high activity digestive enzymes making it your go to weight gainer!
    Mixes effortlessly with a blender, shaker or a spoon. This delicious rich chocolate is versatile in making great tasting protein shakes and smoothies on the go

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4. MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer              best weight gainer In India


Price – Rs 749 for 2 kg

Details about this product

  • Muscleblaze weight gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and is suitable for both gym goers and people with sedentary life style (both male and female)
    The product delivers 163g of high quality carbo-hydrates equivalent to 874.5 Kcal of energy per 3 servings (recommended daily dosage) along with 33.75g of high quality proteins
  • Added digestive enzymes and fiber help in better digestion and faster absorption of energy and proteins

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5. MuscleXP Pro Mass Gainer – With Whey Protein, Isolate, 25 Vitamins & Minerals, Double Chocolate


Price –  1199 rupee for for 2 kg

Details about this product –

  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • MuscleXP Pro Mass Gainer has more protein, better calories & bigger results. The ultimate 100% Whey Protein + Mass gainer. Team MuscleXP researchers have engineered a brand-new, hardcore mass gainer designed for individuals looking to put on an extreme amount of mass
  • MuscleXP PRO Mass Gainer features 27g of protein, over 39g of carbs and 304 mass-producing kilo calories, plus 2.1g of L-leucine, Digestive Enzymes and 25 vitamins and minerals in just 75gm serving size with water
  • The ideal macronutrient profile in MuscleXP PRO Mass Gainer is perfect for bodybuilders and other athletes who are looking to build muscle and increase strength without adding extra fat to their physique
  • MuscleXP PRO Mass Gainer also includes DigeZyme which is a unique blend of specific digestive enzymes that offers much more than just aiding proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients

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6. Nutrimuscle MASSIVE Muscle Mass Gainer


Price – Rs 1599 for 3kg

Details about this product –

  • It is a high protein mass gainer , whey protein is imported from USA
  • Helps to supply Essential Amino Acids and BCAAs to support heavy weight training
  • this supplement contains pancreatin, a multi-enzyme blend that aids to boost absorption of nutrients
  • it is best suited for serious mass gain training. Added pancreatine enzyme blend aids in easy assimilation of the protein into body. High quality complex carbohydrates restrict the sudden rise in blood sugar levels. High calories and rich proteins boost muscle development.

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7. Arms Nutrition Machine Gun Mass Gainer


Price – Rs 690 for 1 kg

Details about this product –

  • Machine Gun Mass Gainer is a high calorie mass gaining formula helping athletes achieve serious calorie requirements in their diet
  • A 100gm serving of Machine Gun Mass Gainer equips you with 25gm Premium Protein, 2gm Leucine boosting protein synthesis, 2gm Glutamine to help reduce muscle breakdown and 2gm Creatine to fuel your muscles during high intensity exercises
  • Machine Gun Mass Gainer contains 25gm protein per serving coming from 7 different sources leading to timely Protein release in 7 phase
  • Over 360 Calories, 7 vitamins and multiple enzymes boost your size gain goals and help you to take your physique to the next level
  • Machine Gun Mass Gainer comes in delicious Chocolate Ice Cream flavour in the sizes of 3kg and 1kg with a premium shaker free with the 3kg packing.

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8. Big Muscles Xtreme Weight Gainer


Price – 1275 Rs

Details about this product –

  • The purest and the safest nutrition available for explosive energy required for rigorous training sessions
  • It has a perfect blend of high quality proteins and other nutrients to support your overall growth
  • It helps to supply nutrients for longer training sessions and reduces muscle breakdown and improves immunity

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9. Endura Mass Weight Gainer


Price – 970 for 1 kg

Details about this product –

  • Has the ability to construct nucleus of cells in body
  • Helps to revitalize cells
  • It is like an anabolic booster
  • Helps gain weight faster
  • Boost Digestion and metabolism

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10. Nutracology Mass Gainer High Protein Weight Gainer


Price – Rs 650 for 1 kg and 2100 for 3 kg                 best mass gainer in india blog

Details about this Product

  • ADVANCE WEIGHT GAINER: Mass Gainer contains 25 grams of High-Quality Protein in scientific formula, designed to digest and release varied intervals throughout the day to ensure your muscles get the Amino Acids they need
  • BALANCED NUTRITION : This weight gainer is packed with 72 grams of clean carbohydrates, 5gms of BCAA and 25g protein give you over 411 specially engineered calories per serving to help you gain weight and mass
  • HIGH PROTEIN WEIGHT GAINER: 25g Protein Featuring a whey ,ilk powder, maltodextrin, and casein blend to help give the most mass and size you need
  • BANNED-SUBSTANCE TESTED: Mass gainer powder has added BCAAs, glutamine, and digestive enzymes and has undergone rigorous checks and testing
  • SUPERIOR TASTE AND MIXABILITY: Our essential weight gainer powder mixes easily and goes great with almond milk, water, milk, fruits, and juices. It’s perfect for great-tasting smoothies and shakes.

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So these are the best Weight Gain powder In India. Top 10 Weight gaining Supplements In India. In This list i have give you as best weight gainers ranking as possible. So if you want want to gain weight you can try these weight gainers.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have any suggestion or if you had use any one of the supplement then please share your experience with us. So please leave a comment and let us know about your experience.

Thank You

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