Prithvi Mudra- How to do and Benefits-Physical Strength Mudra

Hello Friends in this Article I will tell you about Prithvi mudra.In all kinds of mudras Prithvi mudra has its own special place. This Symbolic hand gesture is often used in yogic practice and in ayurveda. This mudra is made to promote Spiritual and healing balance within our body. This mudra awakes the earth element in our body. The old yogis says that their are two nadis in our body one is surya nadi and the other is Chandra nadi.

what Is Prithvi Mudra ?

The word prithvi means ‘earth’ and the word mudra means ‘gesture/ so the hand gesture that promotes earth element is Earth hand gesture.

How to Do Prithvi mudra ?

  • First sit in a comfortable place where where fresh air comes.
  • Sit in an asana like padmasana, siddhasana, or sukhasana.
  • In this mudra, the tips of the ring fingers are pressed to the tips of the thumbs on each hand, while the other fingers are kept straight. so press the tip of your thumb to the tip of your ring finger to perform this mudra.
  • Do this mudra for 10 to 15 Minutes.
  • You can do this mudra at any time and at any place.

Benefits Of Doing Prithvi Mudra –

  • Increases the earth element in your body.
  • Strengthen and heals the body.
  • capable of healing chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, weight loss, convalescence or paralysis, burning sensations throughout the body, ulcers, and nail, hair or skin issues.
  • Make your skin healthy and beautiful.
  • balances the Mineral elements.
  • balances body weight
  • Great for all types of general weakness
  • makes your body healthy.

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So this was the complete overall look of Prithvi mudra or earth hand gesture which regulates the earth element within our body and making it healthy. These hand gestures looks very minor but they have many amzing health benefits.

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