Prana Mudra- How to do and Its benefits

Hello Friends in this article I will tell you about Prana Mudra. This Mudra is considered as one of the most beneficial mudra in the ancient Yogic Ayurvedic culture. There is a energy flow when someone performs this Mudra because Prana is what we are made of. This mudra made for increasing Vitality and root chakra which is also known as Mooladhara chakra. So in this article I will give you a brief view of how to do prana mudra what are its benefits and the things which you should Know About this Mudra So please read this blog completely.

Prana Mudra Benefits and How to do ?

What is Prana Mudra Meaning ?

The Word Prana means ‘Life Force‘ and the word mudra means gesture. So the gesture which increase the life force or the energy within the body is Called Prana Mudra. In the yogic theory Prana is explained as to be the universal life force that is in every being and connects all the living things. Prana Mudra is to tap into this universal energy and Triggers the root chakra to awake and Active.

So this mudra said to trigger the mooladhara chakra which creates the heat and the vibrations also its awakens the body.

How to Do/Perform Prana Mudra –

  • First sit in a clean place where fresh air flows.
  • Sit in an asana like padmasana, siddhasana, or sukhasana.
  • This Mudra Involves three fingers The ring finger, Little finger and the thumb.
  • To Perform this mudra place the tips of your little finger, the ring finger and thumb touch each other while the middle finger and the index finger are Extended.
  • Do this mudra for atleast 10 to 15 minutes to get the maximum benefits from this Mudra.

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Benefits of Prana Mudra –

  • Energy Flow.
  • Get You Rid Of vitamin deficiency and protein Deficiency
  • Great for eye vision and increase the eye vision
  • Helps remove eye glasses
  • Reduces Fatigue and anxiety
  • Promotes Focus and clarity
  • Great for building self confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves blood Circulation in the body
  • Great for sleep disorders like insomnia
  • Immune system booster
  • good for rashes
  • The little finger represents water while thumb represents fire and the ring finger represents earth so the balance of these will results in a healthy functioning of the body.

prana mudra

So this is the complete information about This Mudra or we can call it life force hand gesture/Energy hand gesture. Doing this gesture daily will give you a lot of amazing benefits both mental benefits as well as physical benefits.

Thanks for reading this blog please share this blog with your friends so they can get the maximum benefits of this mudra after reading this quality and informative article.

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