Patanjali Shuddhi Churna review,usage,benefits,Side effects with Complete detail

Patanjali Shuddhi churna review,usage,benefits,side effects with complete detail-

In this modern era everyone wants to make his or her body more healthy and clean. Most of people are aware about their digestive health but without proper knowledge most of people become lazy about their digestive health. Digestive health is very important for overall health of our body. Most of normal diseases are caused by disturbed digestive system.

Our digestive health is affected by many things. Like junk or unhealthy foods,Lack of enough sleep, lack of water in our body and medication use. But if you are conscious about your digestive you will surely care this. The main thing you can do for your digestion is-Clean your system and make it more strong.

Most of people are victim of constipation and after constipation they will become victims of other digestion issues. like- Gas problem,Indigestion,flatulence and loss appetite.

IN this article we will review Patanjali Shiddhi Churna and It will make solution to all problems mentioned above.

What is Patanjali Shuddhi churna ?

Patanjali Shuddhi churna is a powder or churna which is made and marketed by patanjali divya pharmacy. you can find many churns for digestion help like- Triphala churna, Haritaki churna and Dicya churna.

Patanajli shuddhi churna is also one of the best churna for digestion system help.

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Ingredients of Patanjai Shuddhi churna-

100 gram of churna contains-

Harad-Terminalia chebula (27.7 gram) ; Baheda-Terminalia belerica (9.2 gram) ; Bhumi Amla-Phyllanthus niruri (12.3 gram) ; jeera -Cuminum cyminum(30.8 gram) ; Tankan Bhasma-Sodii biboras(1.2 gram) ; Heeng-Ferula narthex (0.3 gram) Indrayan-Citrullus colocynthis (18.5 gram).

How to use Patanjai Shuddhi churna-

You can use 2-3 gram of churna for one time in a day.

  • You can use it at night before sleep or morning time.
  • take half spoon of churna and take it with water.
  • plz take enough amount of churna at right time.

Patanjali Shuddhi churna Benefits-

  • Constipation cure- Constipation is root of all other digestion issues and in modern and fast life most of people eat unhealthy food. If your stomach is clean you will feel fresh all day but if you have constipation or irregularity in bowel movement you may worry about this throughout whole day. This churna will help to clean your stomach also make your digestive system strong and clean.

May You have any type of constipation like long time or irregular you can take it.

  • Indigestion– You can see many persons with indigestion issues and most of them are mid age persons.  If you have weak digestive system you may feel indigestion normally. This churna will cure indigestion realated all issues.
  • Flatulence cure– if you have constipation, you must have flatulence problem and Jeera in this churna will help to make relief you.
  • Loss of appetite- Many teenagers and youngsters talks about that have no hunger and because of it they becomes weak and thin. If you eat enough you will make your body enough strong and healthy. If you have weak digestion or constipation you will feel your stomach full and This is really a worrying thing. This shuddhi churna will help you to cure appetite problem.


Shuddi churna of patanjai is mainly used for constipation. you can take one spoon of this powder for cleaning your stomach.

Cautions about shuddhi churna- Things to remember-

  1. If you use any other medication, you must consult with doctor before using this.
  2. If you are High Bp problem or diabetes petient, mustly consult to doctor before use.
  3. Pregnant or breast feeding womanmust consult with doctor before use.

If you have normal health, you can use this churna as a self medication for 5-10 days.


Side effects of Patanjali Shuddhi churna-

  • Loose motion is main issues which can be faced by few people but we can say that This is main work of this churna- Cleaning stomach.

If you have some constipation related issue or your family member you can bring it at your home and use it for your healthy stomach.

Please use it for highest 5 or 7 days because if you use it for long time your stomach will become needy of this.

If you want to use churna for 15 or 20 days you can use triphala churna of patanjali.

Main work of this churna- constipaton sure.

Points for this churna- 4.25/5




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