Patanjali Saundarya Swarna Kanti fairness Cream Review, Rseults ,How works

Patanjali Saundarya Swarn Kanti Cream

In present time fairness word itself is a very big market and It has billions or valued market. If you have a formula which can make people fair then you can become billionaire instantly. patanjali Saundarya swarn kanti fairness cream is also a fairness cream by patanjali ayurveda ltd. You can read full review of this patanjali swarn kanti cream review in this article. Let’s start-

Patanjali Saundarya Swarna kanti fairness cream price-

This will cost you 399 rupee. You can buy this swarna kanti cream on patanjali store or online. I am giving you a link for purchasing Patanjali swarn kanti cream online with Discount on Amazon- Click here to buy 15 gram Cream

Click Here to buy 50 Gram Patanjali saundarya swarn kanti fairmess cream.

According to price this is a very premium quality patanjali product and probably this is most expensive patanjali product.If we check its quantity then you will surprise because we are getting only 15 gram cream with 400 rupee.

Patanjali Saundarya Swarn kanti fairness cream Ingredients-

You can find almost 15 types of popular and premium quality ingredients with this swarn kanti cream which are listed here-

Aloe vera-Aloe barbadensis (500mg); Wheat oil-triticum sativum(20mg); Jojoba oil-Simmondsia chinensis(20mg); Chironji oil-Buchnania latifilia(20mg); Turmeric oil-Curcuma longa(10mg); Banana-Musa sapientum(10mg); Revand Sugar-Rheum Emodi(5mg); Mulethi-Glycyrrhiza glabra(5mg); Manjishtha-Rubia Cordifilia(5 mg):

Base material-Cream base, Gold purified, Viitamin-B3,C,E, Blend of fruit extracts, Soya peptide,Sugandhit dravya, Diazolidinyl urea & IPBC, q.s.

How to use Saundarya Swarn kanti cream-

According to indication of usage,

  • You should use this gold cream after cleaning your face twice daily for best results.
  • It can easily apply this swarn cream on face because this is too greasy and
  • Also be used on Neck.
  • After applying cream will absorb in 30 minutes after use.

Patanjali Swarn kanti cream claims-

  • It can provide visible fairness even skin tone.
  • Reducing blemishes and dark spots.

Two types of claims are made by patanjali for this patanjali gold cream but what’s the result-Let’s find out

Patanjali Saundarya Swarn kanti Fairness cream results-

  • Fairness results– This cream is specially for women and they would like this smoothness. It can make your face fair and bright for some hours and In this time your face will get gold like brightness. Women would like that gold type of look on face. It can make you fair or Gora for permanently.  Overall 3/5 points.
  • Blemishes and Dark spots- If we took this category to find out results then we found that it work Ok.If you have too much blemishes and Dark spots then you can apply it and it will give your face clean look.
  • Acne or pimples– No indication on this cream about reducing acne or pimples. I added this category because very much people think that swarn cream can reduce their pimples but it can not work for that.

Pros and Cons of patanjali Gold cream-

Pros of this cream-

  1. Packing is so premium and You can gift it to your friend.
  2. It made to work for skin one changes which is too difficult to get.

Cons of this patanjali Saundarya swarn kanti fairness cream-

  1. Price it too high, it should be 200 rupee.
  2. Quantity is too low-only 15 gram amount of cream.
  3. Not effective as price

Should you use this cream or not-

I found that half of users found positive results after applying it and half of found that it does not work. You should buy this cream for once and apply it on your face. If you get results you can continue and if not you can discontinue.

Side effects of patanjali saundarya swarn kanti cream-

It has no side effects at all. It is made by natural ingredients which are so premium quality so it has no side effects.

Overall rating for Patanjali Saundarya swarn kanti fairness cream-3/5




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