How to Do Surya Mudra? Benefits- Weight Loss Mudra

Hello Friends In this article I will tell you about Surya Mudra. This mudra is regarded as one of the best Gestures To Make your body healthy In our ancient yogic philosophy. Mudra is a symbolic gesture In many religions such as hinduism, Buddhism, jainsim. Surya mudra is a hand gesture to increase fire element in your body and eliminate The earth element from your body. So in this article I will tell you about what is Sun mudra, how to do it, what are the benefits of doing this mudra.

Surya Mudra-How to Do And Benefits

What is the meaning of Surya Mudra ?

The word Surya means ‘Sun‘ and the word mudra means gesture. so the gesture which Increase fire element which is surya in our body is called Surya Mudra. This mudra is also called as Agni Vardhak mudra (Mudra which increases fire). In yogic culture Surya is a symbol of Good health and energy.

How to Do Surya Mudra ?

  • To do this mudra first sit on a clean place. Sit in an asana will be best for you like padmasana, Siddhasana, Sukhasana.
  • Perform this mudra by bending your ring finger and place the tip of the ring finger on the bases of your thumb.
  • Bend the ring fingers of each hand in such a way that the tip of the ring finger should mound your thumb
  • The earth Element which reside in the ring finger is eliminated by the fire element which reside in the thumb. So the pressure is on ring finger.
  • So this was the perfect method to perform Surn Mudra.
  • Make sure that the other fingers should be spread out in a straight manner
  • Do this mudra for atleast 10 to 15 Minutes.

surya mudra

Benefits of Surya Mudra.

  • It helps losing weight and burns fat.
  • Helps in awakening of chakras.
  • it increases Heat In Our body.
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Improve Eye Vision
  • Good for diabetes and thyroid
  • Increases Energy Levels

This was the complete view of this mudra Hope you like this post.

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