Best Soaps In India For Daily use-Top 15 Soaps in India -You must be aware Of

Best Soaps In India For Daily use-Top 15 Soaps In India-

This list is based on Ingredients and First of all I listed all Ingredients in my research book and after this I checked Each and every ingredients of All soaps which are most selling in India. I listed them in Term of Harmful ingredients which are found on them.

List Making method

Best Soaps in India list is Totally based on harmful ingredients and If there Is normal harmful ingredients found by me I cut down 1 mark of that soap and If there Is Harmful ingredients found by me I cut down 2 marks of That soap and By this method I listed Top 15 Soaps in India.

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I made Three Categories if total 17 soaps and I made Total number of Loss of each soap on base of harmful ingredients and which soap has more harmful ingredients that have more number of loss.

Number loss- Normal Harmful chemical- 1 Mark and very harmful ingredient- 2 Marks loss.

Top 15 Soaps in India-Best Soaps in India-

Category Number 3-Very High Harmful Toxins



Number loss- 9 to 18.

17. Superia Soap-

This soap has 10 harmful toxins and Total Marks loss of this Soap is 18 Number so I set it to bottom.

16. Lifebuoy Soap-

This soap has total 10 Harmful ingredients and Loss of number for this Lifebuoy soap is- 14 Marks.


15. Fiama Soap-

This soap Has total 10 harmful toxins and Number loss of this soap is- 14 marks.

14. Pears Soap-

This soap has total 7 harmful toxins and number loss of this soap is- 11 marks.

13.Rexona Soap-

This soap has total 6 harmful ingredients and Total number loss of this soap is 10 Marks.

12. Dettol Soap-

This soap is very famous because Dettol soap is one of the best selling soap in India.But it also have harmful colors and toxins. Total harmful ingredients- 4 and number loss is 10 marks.


Category Number 2- Ok quality soap-

11. Vivel Soap-

Vivel soap is considered to be most premium quality soap in advertisement but it also have harmful toxins and Total harmful ingredients found in this soap is- 4 and number loss- 7 marks.

10. Santoor Soap-

Santoor is a medium range soap and many peoples think that many other attractive looking soaps are better than this local soap but it is far better that so called attractive soaps and it has  5 harmful ingredients and number loss is- 7 marks.

9. Lux Soap-

Lux is one of the Most advertising soap in india and Shahrukh khan and Deepika padukone are brand ambassador of lux soap but it can not make impression like Number one Category Soap and total harmful toxins in this Soap is- 5 and number loss is- 7 marks.

8. Park Avenue Soap-

Park Avenue is a premium quality soap but It is not one of the most selling soap because of advertisement. It has many other good quality cosmetics products and Park avenue soap has 5 harmful chemical and Total number loss of this soap is- 6.

7. Cinthol Soap-

Cinthol soap is made by Godrej and It is most valuable brand in india so You can trust this product but During research I found total 3 harmful Toxins in it and total number loss of this soap is- 6 marks.

Category Number 1- Best quality soaps in India

6. Ayush Soap-

Ayush is a new brand in india and this shop has no much harmful ingredients and only 2 harmful toxins are found in this soap.Total number loss of this soap is- 4 marks

5. Chandrika Soap-

Chandrika Soap is very famous soap but many people does not know this because lack of advertisement by this brand but this soap is very good to use and it has total 3 low level harmful chemical and total number loss of this soap is- 3 marks.

4. Patanjali Aloevera Soap-

Patanjali aloevera soap is one of the famous soap by patanjali and This soap has total 2 harmful chemical which are permitted colors.

Total marks loss of this soap-2 numbers.

3. Himalaya Soap-

Himalaya is one of the most reputed brand of india and this has thousands of product range and himalaya soap is also good to use because it has 2 harmful chemical and number loss of this soap is 2 marks.

2. Medimix Soap-

Medimix soap is really a good soap to daily use and when I was doing research about soaps I found that It is most Easy to use and smooth soap with low level of Harmful ingredients- it has 2 low level harmful ingredients with 2 number of loss.

1. Patanjali Multani Mitti Soap-

This is best soap at all and it has no high level harmful ingredients and I think that it should e winner and Youshould try it For daily use, you will get best results.

This was the list of Best soaps in india for men/women.

Top sabun India for oily and Dry skin are also same and you should use category 1 Soaps for better results.


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