Apana Mudra- How to do Steps and its Benefits

Apana Mudra is one of the most beneficial hand gestures to do according to ancient yogic Philosophy.This mudra is also called as or known as purification mudra. This Mudra is Also Called In Hindi As Mrit Sanjeevani Mudra. It is said that our stomach should be Soft and our Blood should be warm. If you have indigestion or constipation then this can leads to some serious problems, So if you do apana mudra daily then the bad effects of air element will be no more and because of this your body will become healthy and beautiful.

Apana mudra- Mudra for Detoxify Body

What Is the Meaning of Apana Mudra ?

The word apana means Cleaning or purification and mudra means hand Gesture so the gesture which cleans our body from within is apana mudra.

Apana Mudra Steps and method

  • To this this mudra first find a clean place where the fresh air flows.
  • Sit in a asana like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Or Sukhasana whichever you finds comfortable.
  • this mudra is performed by bending the middle finger, and the ring finger and the thumb so that the tips of these Three fingers are touching Each Other. The index finger and little finger remain straight. This mudra is usually practiced with both of our hands.
  • Do this mudra for like 15 to 45 Minutes. Do it on the daily basis.
  • For the best Results do Prana Mudra with this mudra so the benefits will be double.
  • Best time to do this mudra is morning, Also the peoples who has vata and kapha dosha should do it in moderation.

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What Are the Benefits Of Doing Apana Mudra

  • Good for indigestion and constipation.- Main Important Benefit
  • Eliminates the bad air from the body.
  • Makes your body Beautiful and glowing.
  • This hand gesture purifies and detoxifies the body and balances the elements of space and earth within.
  • This mudra also eliminates waste, toxins and bad chemicals in the body and prevent your body from all kind of illness.
  • Increases the energy in the body.
  • this mudra generates energy in the gallbladder and liver and supports harmony and balance.
  • This mudra helps to balance three dosha in the human body which is vata dosha, pitt dosha, kapha dosha.

So this was the complete detailed explanation of what is apana mudra what are its benefits and how to do this mudra in the most perfect manner. So I am very sure that you have get this thing right.

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