vayu mudra how to do steps and benefits of vayu mudra

Vayu Mudra How To Do And Its Benefits

Hello Friends in this article I will tell you about Vayu Mudra. It is one of the most important Mudras in the ancient yogic philosophy. In this yogic science it is tell that each Mudra has its own benefits and all of them has one thing in common and it is this that all of them connects the self the the universe. Vayu mudra is made for making your life healthy and Happy. To get maximum benefits from Vayu hand gesture one must get to know what is the perfect method of doing it because if you are doing this in a wrong way then you will not get as many benefits so in this blog I will five you knowledge about how to do Vayu Mudra, it’s benefits, or you can call it vayu mudra ke labh, who can practice it and everything about this mudra in this blog.

vayu mudra how to do
vayu mudra hand position


What Is Vayu Mudra ?

Friends the word Vayu Means ‘Air’ and the word mudra means Gesture so the gesture which take care of air elements in our body is vayu mudra. So this mudra will adjust and handle air movements inside your body and make sure that these works fine. It take care of all the illness and problems that can be cause because of air imbalance in your body.

vayu mudra

How To do Vayu Mudra –

First of all I will tell you that any age person can do this mudra no matter what his age is whether it is men or women.

Step to Do this Mudra –

  • First Sit in a comfortable and relax posture. You Can sit in any asana like padmasana, siddhasana, sukhasaana, Also make sure that the clothes which are you wearing are loose and confortable.
  • Make your self relax and just forget about other things and concentrate on your body and its functions.
  • Start this mudra by placing the tip of your index fingers at the base of your thumb. After this just lightly pressurize the thumb upon your index finger.
  • This mudra will manage the air in your body and will suppress the element air by element fire.

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Health Benefits of Vayu Mudra –

  • This mudra will reduce the extra air from the body and stomach.
  • It regulates and balance the air elements in your body.
  • This will reduce the trembling of your hands and legs
  • Great for paralysis
  • Cure headache and heart related problems.
  • Cure air defects
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Vata dosha relief
  • Treat Gas problem and neck stiffness
  • Strengthen your body and chest
  • provides rest from all kind of aches and pain
  • Good for arthritis and sciatica
  • Boosts immunity
  • Relaxes your mind and make it make focused.

                                                                              Vayu Muda ke fayde

Timing –

Practice it for over 15 minutes to 30 Minutes a day though you can do it for 1 hour but 15 to 30 minutes is just enough. Do this mudra daily to get maximum results. You can also do this mudra while doing meditation.

So this was the complete information about This mudra hope you get the info you want. This mudra is specially great for those who have gas stomach or constipation related problems.

please share this blog with your friends so they can get the maximum benefits of This mudra or get to know about air mudra.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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