Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair oil Review,is it Really effective,Pros and cons

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair oil Review,is it Really effective,with Pros and cons-

Patanjali kesh kanti hsir oil review is very anticipating.There are a huge market of hair industry. Hair is most important part of everyone’s beauty. With beautiful and Right numbers of hair you can look more attractive and Good-looking. Hair fall and white hair is main issues which have been faced by almost half of world’s population. When the thing comes to hairs everyone is more attentive than other. There are many hair oils in market and every brand promote their selves as Best oil for Hair fall or hair fall prevention. Patanjali Kesh kanti oil is one of them.

There are many Reasons for hair fall but here I am writing about Patanjali Kesh kanti Hair oil review and its benefits-

Patanjali Kesh kanti Hair oil price and packing-

Price of patanjali kesh kanti hair oil is 130 rupee and 120 ml of total you will get in bottle of kesh kanti. Packing of kesh kanti oil is really nice in term of looking. But there are some packing cons about bottle that You will face some leakage issue with bottle. Bottle feels sticky every time you wanna use.This is little cons of bottle and packing but overall looking and plastic quality of bottle is good.

Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil ingredients- How this made?

You will find 21 types of natural ingredients in this oil and it also contains one preservative also-

List Of Ingredients- 120 ml of total oil contain– Ingredient name with Amount in bracket- Brahmi (2g); Amla (1g); Bhringraj (2g); Mehandi (2g); Neem leaf (1g); baheda (1g); Harar-big (1g); Giloy (1g); Aloe vera (1g); jatamansi (0.5g); Haldi (1g); Nagkesar (0.5); bakuchi (1g); gurhal pusp (1g); Charela (1g); yashtimadhu (0.5g); Anantmool (0.5g); rasaut (0.5g); Vacha (0.5g); coconut oil (20g); Til oil (q.s. to 100 ml);

Base material– BHT and Sugandhit dravya.

Note-99 percent of ingredients are natural and it is main plus point of this oil because it is totally harmful chemicals free. Chemical free is punch  point of patanjali brand which makes it special in market.

Best Before 24 months from mfg date.

Claims of Patanjali about kesh kanti hair oil-

There are total 4 types of claims about hair by brand-

  • Strengthen hair roots
  • Reduce split hairs
  • Make hair black and shining
  • prevent hair fall

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Kesh kanti hair oil Results-

  • In case of hair fall- if we study for hair fall prevention, we found that it work very well. hair fall can be by genetics or malnutrition. Kesh kanti works for hair fall reduce and make them strong. It takes time to work and If you want results in one month this is not possible but surely you will found positive results in 2 months. Results for hair fall prevention can be different in few cases but mostly it works very well.
  • Split hair reduce- Mostly women have always aware about split end. This oil work very well in term of reducing split end.
  • Strengthen roots– If you have strong hair roots you will never face hair fall problem. Kesh kanti is special made for strengthen hair roots. The main factor about strengthen hair is How you apply oil ? If you properly apply oil on your scalp it will work. Most of people apply oil only on hair not on roots. So please apply hair very well by fingers on scalp and massage very well. Your hair will get strength.
  • Make hair black or not- Graying hair before age is a very irritating issue which is faced by most of the youth. Versatile hair shampoos and hair oil can make hair gray early before age. If you apply kesh kanti hair oil on yur hair it will make your hair blackish and you will find special black shine in your hairs. Bhringraj and Bramhi will help to make your hair more black and shinny.

Some special things about kesh kanti yoy must know-

How it smell- Personally if I talk about smell about this kesh kanti of patanjali, I don’t experience any type of problem abut smell. In my research I found that Some people have problem regarding to herbal smell of it. But I didn’t feel any Problem. So choice matter on individual.

How to apply oil perfectly-

  1. You must clean your hair before applying oil.
  2. Take oil in your palms and make sure that you apply perfectly on scalp by your fingers.
  3. Massage gently on your complete scalp and hair roots.
  4. If you can Oil your hair roots, You will get real results.
  5. You can apply it at night or day, choice is yours.
  6. But if you work outdoor or directly in sunlight, You will feel some itchiness in your hairs, so apply at night.
  7. Wash always your hair with kesh kanti shampoo or any other herbal shampoo. ( This is special recommendation which is mentioned on guide of kesh kanti hair oil.)
  8. Apply it regularly and never change oil.

Here I am talking about pros and cons about kesh kanti hair oil-Things which are liked by me included in pros section and some types of things which don’t liked by me included in cons section.

Pros of Kesh kanti hair oil-

  • Hair care- It will completely care your hair and You can use it for best hair care.
  • Reduce dandruff-Hair dandruff can be reduced by regular use of kesh kanti hair oil.
  • Headache and Insomnia- you can massage this oil on your scalp for make your mind fresh and cool. This can be helpful in case of insomnia.
  • This is totally chemical free and herbal oil.
  • Easiness of applying and easily spread on hairs.

Cons of Kesh kanti Hair oil-

  • Packing -packing can be improved because I faced some leakage problem. Guide itself is already oiled before I opened its box.
  • Quantity- Quantity can be increased to 150 ml or price should be reduced to 100 ml.
  • It takes time to get result. ( Minor cons )
  • You will feel itching when you will go under direct sunlight for 30 minutes or more.
  • This is little bit greasy and you must wash your hands after applying it.
  • You can not make super stylish look after applied it and I feel that it is not a major cons. You can not except hair styles after oiling.

Conclusion-In conclusion I will rate this Patanjali kesh kanti Hair oil 4/5.

I will surely recommend it to use because it is one of the best hair oil in India. So make your hair strong and beautiful by using it.

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